Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meeting the family

We went yesterday to visit my family.

It was my father's side of the family -- whom I didn't grow up with -- and don't know too well... two members that had never met hym before.

One knew that we were married and was very sweet about meeting hym. The other, I don't believe, doesn't even know I'm a lesbian.

But they are my two favorite relatives on that side of the family.

The reason we went there is because they were up visiting from out of town due to an impending death in the family (my other uncle is on his death bed).

Did I introduce her as my hersband?

I didn't.

Being that hy is butch, sometimes I do just let that speak for itself.

But did I speak up? No, I did not.

I found out later that this affected hym.

I feel horrible about that.

I'm sorry papi.