Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's just the gentlemanly thing to do!

Chivalry is something that comes naturally to me. Lighting cigarettes, opening doors, picking up dropped items are just some of the things that I do without even giving any thought to it.

I'm kicking myself for not having my lighter in the right pocket and allowing someone else to lean in and light my girl's cigarette.

I am a little bit torn here since de-programming myself may be really difficult. I don't know how not to be a gentleman. On the other hand no one comes before my girl. No one. If I have to cut back on the chivalry with others in order to make her happy, I may just do that. ;)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Quick with a joke or light of your smoke....

Recently I realized that there is something sexy about someone else lighting your cigarette.  So much so that when anyone does it other than my boi, I feel a little dirty.
There's something flirtatious about it to me.
The other day a cigarette dangled from my lips as 3 of use went out for a smoke and the other lesbian present -- a bit butch -- leaned in, cupped her hands and I leaned my mouth towards her to set the nicotine aflame.
A small part of me felt embarassed to be so brazen right in front of my baby.
The moment passed quickly -- but the thought remained.
How would I feel if my daddy were to do that to another femme?
The answer is:  I would not like it. 
Not one little bit.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A View From Above

Yes, baby. Say it louder... tell Daddy what you want.

You look so beautiful, so perfect to me- your scent is driving me wild.

I can see your sex getting ready- juicy, swollen, begging for your Master's attention.

Mind- racing. Flesh- dripping with desire. Cock- strong and hard.

Won't let you know how badly I want you. I want you to beg for me. Plead with me. Squirm with anticipation.

Your body quivers, your voice trembles, your eyes penetrate through me into my softened heart.

You've found me out, I give in to your sweet cries for my touch. My hands and lips cannot wait any longer.

Ass. Thighs. Back. Pussy. Mmmm baby... you've missed me. You are ready.

As I enter your you warm, drenched hole, you reach back and grab onto me, pulling me toward you "deeper Daddy, harder Daddy...please"

My babygirl always gets what she wants.

A view from below

With skin still steaming from a hot shower...

Hair dripping down my back...

Soft scent of my body wash rising from my goose fleshed landscape...

I lay before hym with my legs bent...

The rear of my femininity exposed out of my view...

Hy is pulling his cock out for my amusement....

I watch with heated anticipation...

My lips swell as they remember hym...

Hys eyes find mine - moisture arrives...

Whispers trail from my lips as I plead for you to enter me...

Fuck Me Daddy.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Angry Sex?

*Smirk* who knew? I look forward to the next fight you pick.

Angry Sex

We got into a fight the other day.

The next day when I was thinking about the fight, I thought to myself.  I wish I had fucked hym right in the middle of it.

Hy very rarely gets that angry with me and I think that if hy was plunging hys cock into me with all that built up aggression that I may have exploded all over it in a way that could possibly leave me blind.

That night I started picking a fight.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Meeting the Family

She's too hard on herself, my girl. No reason for my pretty girl to apologize. I understood why we were there and that coming out to Her religious family was not really on the agenda. I'm sure my appearance does speak for itself and that they assumed that I was Hers.

They were nice to me.. I appreciate their kindness. And genuine at that, I could tell. I liked them all.

She ended up making up for the lack of proper introduction that first day when She told everyone at the wake and funeral of my position in Her life.

Sad times. Yet somehow, She still managed to get a smirk out of me.