Monday, February 25, 2008

Quick with a joke or light of your smoke....

Recently I realized that there is something sexy about someone else lighting your cigarette.  So much so that when anyone does it other than my boi, I feel a little dirty.
There's something flirtatious about it to me.
The other day a cigarette dangled from my lips as 3 of use went out for a smoke and the other lesbian present -- a bit butch -- leaned in, cupped her hands and I leaned my mouth towards her to set the nicotine aflame.
A small part of me felt embarassed to be so brazen right in front of my baby.
The moment passed quickly -- but the thought remained.
How would I feel if my daddy were to do that to another femme?
The answer is:  I would not like it. 
Not one little bit.

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