Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Banking woes...

I stood in front of the teller dumbfounded as she told me the news that my account was empty.

Silent tears streamed down my face yet I still felt calm in the face of this indignation.

She looked annoyed as I stood there silent -- unsure of what my next action was going to be.

Suddenly I felt someone bump into me from behind. I turned to see who this person was that was disturbing this extremely humiliating moment and there was no one there.

Distractedly I turned back to the teller who know seemed to go onto another task and was completely ignoring me.


Again I turn and there is no one.

"Well the government seized your assets to pay its bills" - she said - reclaiming my attention.

But as I looked to her something seemed different... the room behind her seemed to be in darkness...

A flash of heat rises up my spine.

She continues to speak but her words trail off and her mouth no longer produces a sound...

...then my legs begin to part... my clit is called to attention.

Suddenly the room around me melts away to complete darkness and I become keenly aware that my papi's cock is seeking me out.

I become wholly aware of the mist of desire my body perpetuated without me.

I quickly come to appreciate the rigid readiness of my nipples.

While I'm late for the party I quickly learn my place.

I slide my thighs apart to assist in my baby's pursuit.

Hy's aware now that I am with hym and slides hys warm body on top of my backside -- hys knees slowly pushing my knees out to clear hys way.

Slowly hys hand snakes up my back -- over to my chest -- brushing my dangerously hardened nipples as hys hand cups over my shoulder... hy uses the leverage to insert hys cock into me -- slowly... tentatively at first -- then with more determination.

The instant that it fills my pussy, a wave of pleasure washes over the rest of me... my breath escapes quickly from my lips.

I can hear a pleased moan release from my daddy's lips as hys strokes deepen....quicken.

My spine curves in an effort to please hys cock's ravenous appetite for me.

I raise to my knees... face planted in the bed... ass high... an offering.

To hys knees my papi rises to meet the challenge... and hy fucks me with a a newly found strength.


My ass trembles from the impact.

A new wave of creme releases inside me.

I watch below me as my tits dance to the rhythm of hys skin connecting with mine.

Hy exits and lays on hys back... I follow my back to hys and slip -- easily now -- onto hys erect phallus.

My long dark curls falling down and caressing my back as I grind hys cock as deep inside me as I can stand... over and over... hy jams hys hips up and into me and I thrust my pussy long and deep onto hys dripping cock.

Hys hands on my hips... pulling me down... leading the charge...

Hy grabs my hair and wraps the tendrils around hys fingers and pulls... I cum all over hys dick in an explosion of pleasure and pain.

I turn and lay on hym -- we are sweaty, sticky, wet... spent --

I sit here now -- thinking of hym...

I think I need to make another deposit.