Monday, June 30, 2008

Why do butch femme sites suck so much?

Is it me or does every butch femme site out there really suck? I used to be a member of "the big" one -- which shall remain nameless. But I found that the people on that site were too clicky -- never giving those of us who'd never been to one of their gatherings a real chance to be friends.

Countless times I'd join a forum and post a response to someone's topic and countless times my response went unnoticed and it'd end up being just a handful of people going back and forth.

Then the straw that broke the camel's back was when I realized that unless you were a paid member you really had limited options and were treated "less than" -- and you know, I get enough of that in the real world, thanks. Add that to the out of control moderators -- well I just couldn't support that site anymore.

Then I joined another and another and another... either whoever was running it was a psycho or they have the paid "elite" group who get to personalize their experience.

The thing is, I know a thing or two about forums and there really is no need to charge people to have one. There are FREE options out there. Yeah, there will be some ads running. So what?

Isn't the point to get to meet other butch/femme people? To maybe make friends? God, if someone would for one second make an online community for us to just chill together and not try to rape us like the rest of the world, it'd be really nice.

Maybe I'll just do it my damn self. Who knows. :P


dabrooklynites said...

let me found out it's downelink__________________flatlines. I die!!!!! lets start our own!-Val

kitten said...

this is a small friendly free butchfemme site and you are very welcome, we love new members.