Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An awakening....

I have begun a love affair. To my own surprise.

I have found that I really love how it feels to be in heels. I have only recently (within the past few years) begun to realize my inner femme. Having come out in a place where the homogenized androgynous lesbian reigns supreme, I never really coddled the femme within.

...I am starting to feel her stir.

I have these black lace-up chunky heeled shoes that I frequently wear to work and/or with jeans. The other day, while wearing them and when walking to the office from the car, I became acutely aware of my walk.

How incredibly feminine I felt. How sexy I felt.

And I thought, I really need to explore her and find myself within her whispered musings.

There's so much I want to do to accommodate her -- explore her sensual side but unfortunately I am in no position to perform a wardrobe overhaul to meet her demands.

In the meantime, I will relish in her ecstasy while in these chunky heels.... and wait to fully lavish her with the sexy femme essentials in time.

And the next time that daddi calls -- perhaps I will pull a pair of heels out of the closet before I lay before hym.

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